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by Jennifer Vides on October 22, 2010

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Wow, was it ever a crazy weekend in college football – packed with upsets and movement in the polls. Funny thing: same thing happened in CFBT Week 7. (For those of you keeping track, Week 6 never happened. If you know me, you know why. But I’ll gladly accept a Week 6 post from any of you College Football Twitteratti folk if you feel like it.)

So what happened in Week 7? Here are some highlights:

Last week the CFBT group hated South Carolina and Florida equally. Only Purduefasure (@catbaloo14) called Kentucky’s upset of South Carolina – resulting in 5 points for her and a collective 253-point loss for the group. And only Diverbh (@diverbh) called Mississippi State over Florida – resulting in 2 points for him and a collective 246-point loss for the group. I have to point out that these two were the only ones to pick Iowa State over Texas Tech in Week 6.

This week saw the entire CFBT group singing “In the Navy.”  Everyone in the group picked Navy to beat SMU by 1.5, and we were all right. Navy won a combined 184 points for the group.

So let’s talk about the Twitteratti. Who did well?

In first place with 133 points was Clemson4Life (@antpruitt) whose biggest call of the day was that he would win the day. He even changed his name (again) to show his confidence. (Who knew Clemson fans had that much #swagga?) He racked up 57 points in 3 games by putting big points on favored teams: Iowa, Georgia and Baylor.

In second place with 125 points was WinnahWinnahChickenDinnah (@rissadee) who picked 10 games correctly. She did well despite missing her 19 and 18-point picks (she picked Air Force and Ohio State – both of which were upset by her opponents.)

In 3rd place was MidwestSwag (@danwenzel) who picked all but 2 of the first 15 games correctly …then lost steam after Wisconsin’s upset of Ohio State. I’ll call this “Bucky’s Revenge” – if he’d picked his home team to win, maybe the rest of the day would have gone his way. I recommend he get on the train and start by watching this (I must also point out that TheGeekyOne – @TheGeeky1 – also picked against his team in this instance. Go ahead and defend yourself. That’s what the comments section is for.)

Now for the standings.

WinnahWinnahChickenDinnah (@rissadee) continues in  first place (that’s 3 weeks in a row) with 714 points. JennyQ (@jennyQ) remains in second place with 669 points – despite placing only in 17th place for the week. In 3rd place is Clemson4Life who with 663 points is determined to claw his way to the top. He was in 7th place week 5.

Because I have to pick on someone… NDGirl (@lkkelly) has dropped to 5th in the standings, and finished in 6h place week 7. I only tease her because she said she was going to start making her picks on her own, without outside input, which she blames for her declined performance over the weeks prior. *Cough* (Muah. I know – people in glass houses…)

So what will happen this week? I, for one, am hoping that this won’t happen again this year. But who of the remaining unbeaten will lose this weekend? (Not Oregon…they put the smack-down on UCLA last night!) Missourri and Oklahoma (I like Mizzou)? LSU and Auburn (undecided on this one)? Will Nebraska beat Oklahoma State? All I can say is that it’s sure to be an exciting day of college football.

Go Canes!


Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 Winnah Winnah Chicken Dinnah 714 80 65-50
2 JennyQ 669 0 62-53
3 Clemson4Life! 663 80 60-55
4 WildCatStevens 635 57 62-53
5 NDGirl93 634 60 62-53
6 Game Day Gamers 627 62 60-55
7 ADDcrafter 621 52 60-55
8 Tha Midwest Swag 603 0 53-62
9 JenniferVidestheCane 601 56 60-55
10 fighton4ever 591 62 55-60
11 slave2mybulldog 588 76 52-63
12 TheJackB 588 0 55-60
13 GSJensen 576 63 61-54
14 TheGeekyOne 576 62 59-56
15 Purduefasure 576 44 59-56
16 catturday 568 51 55-60
17 KLCaneFan 556 48 51-64
18 Razorbacks 542 0 49-66
19 Kal 503 0 51-64
20 KillerNut 488 55 54-61
21 diverbh 487 0 43-72
22 Polish Powerhouse 417 0 40-56
23 bbg05 407 0 41-74
24 Go Canes! 229 0 20-95

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TheGeekyOne October 22, 2010 at 1:48 pm

you’re right, I haven’t picked the badgers even one time all season…THEY NEVER COVER! lol

they did teach OSU how to bucky though :)

JennyQ October 23, 2010 at 2:07 am

OMG! Who is the one that keeps changing his name? I am already so confused as to who picks whom, when, what and how. And now he throws this at me.

Jennifer, not sure where you were during week 6, or what you were doing — and though this is not a request for an explanation — please let it go on record that, in fact, week 6 did happen, because that is likely the only week I will be ranked as #1 overall.

That is all.

Jennifer October 23, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Well, Jenny – if you want to write the Week 6 post, go for it. Just go check out the Miami schedule and you’ll see why that weekend never happened, m’kay? The name-changer is @antrpruitt.

Geeky One…I think you need to learn how to Bucky, too. Just sayin’.

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