An Experience Goes a Long Way

by Jennifer Vides on April 13, 2010

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I’ve always believed that the most successful brands are those that connect in real ways with their customers. I, for one, have always been most loyal to the brands with which I’ve had a positive interaction. My favorite airline, for example, is the one my family preferred while I was growing up. We traveled pretty frequently so this airline became a comforting constant in our lives. And while many of my friends strongly disagree with me, I believe to this day that this airline offers the best and friendliest service, and has never let me down.  I’m the same way with pretty much everything I buy. I choose (and usually stick to) whatever brand has connected with me in some way – be it historical, personal or simple taste.

It’s possible I’m more brand loyal than the average person. But ultimately I think most people – consciously or unconsciously – consider their interactions with brands when they decide whether or not to use them. And this is a guiding principle for how I approach the business of communications. It’s all about making the right connection. Sparking the right conversation.

Lasting Connections Made Here

Before the emergence of social media, accomplishing this connection was often challenging and expensive. But today, smart brands that embrace social media engagement – and utilize it to build authentic communities as one part of a targeted grassroots marketing/public relations campaign – can build their brands in ways only big companies with massive budgets could before. Sure, this engagement can be scary to some. But the reality is that brands are being talked about every day – on and off-line. So there is a great deal of benefit to engaging with your fans – and your detractors, too –  in a way that makes a positive connection. Call it controlling the chaos – and turning it to your advantage.

How do you make a lasting connection? Focused, relevant and authentic integrated marketing communications programs centered around consumer engagement.

What’s required? Knowing the soul of your brand. Understanding what your customers want. And having the fortitude to let your customers help shape your brand into what makes sense for them.

Why do it? Because engagement can lead to positive connections and ultimately brand loyalty.

So what’s my role? Helping you accomplish all of the above and more. Let’s spark a good conversation, shall we?


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